Changing Tune


Along the lines of cruelty

Mans morals and misdeeds

There are those that swing the heartache

The power to mislead


It’s built upon foundations

Of Millennia, tribe and creed

Made mad with subtle twisting

Building brawn by breaking dreams, breaking dreams


And those laid quiet helpless

On beds of straw and hay

As they look upon the darkness

And wish for brighter days


When men with bolstered backbone

Were not afraid to say

What’s past is past and backwards

Shall not here rise today, rise today



Have you taken us for Fools?

Ya I heard you do

You’re not telling us the Truth

So I’m done with you…

I’m Changing Tune, Changing Tune


But lies have risen slowly

And the truths now hard to see

Two sides with one condition

Never live to let be


And they curse the weak and drifting

Who grasp at life’s seams

And spike the muddy waters

Of those who dare to dream, dare to dream





Lies flow freely down mainstream

Truths is neatly kept unseen