Honey Wine


Time stole away our conversations in that room

I open it sometime to talk to younger you

Who knew we’d so much to say

Our words entwined in time to better days


It seems to be more complicated, and low

Then smokin it up while down on Inishgrove

We choose, with not much sway

Lives defined and bound then thrown away



Honey wine, it took us

To castles with birds on

I remember we were tripping along, Just tipping along

Oh where has the time gone, where is that time with honey wine


I had some what hesitated, it’s true

It was you that picked the path I followed suit

Forbidden fruit, just given away

You thought me how to let go and just play





When I wondered if this could get any better

Oh and I wondered if we could take every sign

Ya and I wondered if this could last forever

Oh and I wonder if they still serve honey wine