Folk Festival Tour

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2016 was really my first major tour as a solo musician. At that stage I had traveled all over the world with Socks in the Frying Pan and I had played with them to literally million of people at countless festivals across the United States. But there was a big difference being alone on stage and […]

If We Only Knew

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My first attempt at a proper solo album was “If We Only Knew”. It was a labour of love and it took quite a while to finish. In 2014 I had mainly been singing Irish Traditional songs. This had influenced my writing style and I felt it was time to record. To begin with I […]

The Trad Connection

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I was brought up in a seriously musical family. My grandfather Eamon was a founder member of the The Liverpool Ceili Band which won the All Ireland several times in the mid-60’s. My father Mick is an uilleann piper who gained public recognition when he won first prize in the uilleann pipe competition at Oireachtas […]

Clear The Fog

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When I was young I was a bit of an outsider. I wasn’t athletic, I was shy and I had mild dyslexia so school was a bit of a nightmare. The only way I can describe those years is that it was like my mind was in a thick fog. I could get a glimpse […]

In Flow State

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There I am, age 17 in the back garden writing songs when I probably should have been studying for my leaving cert. I didn’t do too well in the exams as it turned out… But by that age I knew that playing music was the only thing that felt right for me. Whether I was […]

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