Chance & Gamble

I found myself here again

Have I moved on at all, gone around in circles?

It’s hard to say but something tells me this time’s different

I heard you singing in the distance, singing in the distance

Another year to mend

To tether shaken plans again together

Tie a knot you hope tearing of life won’t weather

You’re singing songs to make things better, oh make things better


So say that line again

Of how I live and how I love

Or lack thereof, a master plan

You’re in my mind, because I’m lonely

And now it’s to break or bend

I’m finding things too tough to mould to liking

No the words don’t come if I’m mixing up the letters

You’re writing lines that blend together, oh blend together

And though I can see the end

The starting point is close enough for striking

And I fight when I’m reminded

That fallings part of surviving, fallings part of surviving




There’s things you chance and gamble

Things you risk in life for dreams

I know it’s not as easy as it seems

But I’ll take the chance and gamble

I’ll take risks in life for dreams

I know it’s not as easy as it seems