Curse For Cruelty

I don’t know who to blame

I don’t know if I like this life

Then enter sweet refrain, enter sweet refrain

Which flashes bright, light on light

And swallowed by mundane

And if thrown loose, the goose is goosed

And plucked to feed the sane, plucked to feed the sane


I’ve been too long in this country I call my own

I’ve been too long on my own

So what of pleasant living

It’s curtain call ,but not worth giving

So chants the damned and lame, so chants the damned and lame

No jovial troop of whoop and whoop

No conquering king hath came

But book and bell had cast its spell

Gave souls the ball and chain, gave souls the ball and chain



Now lowly body’s reach and stretch

And twitch and twist in weighted net

Which struggles to contain, which struggle to contain

Through spit and spite here laughs the night

Our day on day untamed

We’re lost or worse I’ll hiss and curse

For a long awaited wane



I (I have) been too long (Too long) in this country I call my own

I (I have) been too long (Too long) on my own…

(Repeat Verse 3)