Foreign Shore

You heard the rumours and you heard right

You’d climb a mountain to find the light

Nine lives of life, nine lives of life I say

If we’re playing real we’d best play right

So no time for lies, I’ve no time for lies

When it comes to motion we’ve got nothing to lose

It’s all against us, suck it push on through

If you’re staring at ceilings, If you’re staring at ceilings I say

‘F’ Your feelings if you think that’s fine,

Yet I’m still staring at ceilings now, I’m still staring at ceilings now


But hold onto your hats

While we sail across the sea, of endless sleep

We won’t fall into the depths of false dreams

We search for something real, something more, Foreign Shores

They’ll say it’s good for you, they’ll say it’s divine

Oh but how many times can you like the lie without hating the liars that say

Hold in that cry, Hold in that cry, I say

We don’t have much time let alone to confide

So Why oh why hold in a cry, why oh why hold in a cry