Lonely Locket


Stolen baggage and a lonely locket

Don’t you wait for me to wave goodbye

Just take that luggage and that lonely locket

You have taken it apart

You said I left for dead

But I’d left stepping stones from where we’d come from

I just ran to move us onward

But you think I fled

And things were left unsaid

But words are not my strong suit I can’t beat you

I refused to lie to leave you

But you think I did


With all of those books you read

You still find it hard to read me, and won’t believe

I’m not trying to deceive you

But you think I will

So you found another bed

Oh but it’s still hard to sleep girl, can’t fool me though

Telling lies to turn the dreams on

But the dreaming’s dead





Was all our precious time just wasted on some drunken nights to not seem old?

Well I swear it now I’d live it all again and I would live it loud

Live it loud, live it loud, live it loud…

Live it loud, live it loud, live it loud…