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Listen to what others are saying about Aodán...

Irish Music Magazine
“It's original, it’s engaging and most importantly, it has soul...and it’s true for all tracks on the album”     
Trad Magazine
“…Trad Bravos!! – An Excellent album.”
Live Ireland
“This is Irish music lovingly and reverentially presented. We could not recommend this CD more highly to you. This is a major new force on the scene.”
Folk World
“A singer who is capable of joining the ranks of the great Irish vocalists”
Trad Connect
“…His vocal and guitar work are impressive…He packs quite a punch on this sharp, crisp and refreshing release.”
Celtic Music Magazine
“…This may be Coyne’s first solo album, I doubt seriously it’ll be his last – let’s just say, it better not be his last. I’m anticipating a lot more music out this young man.”