edae4ffa-8a34-cd7d-d2ff-2e41b19b3163-banner – Bill Margeson

“…Aodan himself penned two of the songs and arranged all of them. This is traditional Irish music lovingly and reverentially presented. We could not recommend this CD more highly to you, and we said the same thing to you about the group’s first CD. This is a major new force on the trad scene.”
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irish_music_magazine_2 – Eileen McCabe

“…I highly rate the pitch, inflection and style that Aodan Coyne brings to is in his debut album ‘If We Only Knew’. The Socks in the Frying Pan stalwart has produced a collection of thoughtful song, based on well considered reasons.”

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Banner-CelticMusicMagazine-600x200 – Rhonda Edualy

“…This may be Coyne’s first solo album, I doubt seriously it’ll be his last – let’s just say, it better not be his last. I’m anticipating a lot more music out this young man.”

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 – Philippe Cousini

“…An elegant and intimate album by a young talent who has a clear and expressive voice. “

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  – Kevin Donleavy

“…Aodan Coyne sings from the cosmos where heart and mind meet felicitously… A superb, champion Irish singer… This song album will become a sought-after classic. Highly recommended.”

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 – Tom Keller

” …A traditional singer who is capable of continuing the Irish song tradition and joining the ranks of the great Irish vocalists.”

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 – Philippe Cousini

“…Trad Bravos!! – An Excellent album.”

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 – Tony Lawless

“…His vocal and guitar work are impressive…He packs quite a punch on this sharp, crisp and refreshing release.”

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– Jack Baker

“…What might very well be the best CD release of the year.. An impressive solo from Aodán Coyne and a summer full of wonderful live performances.”

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