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I’ve been playing with Socks in the Frying Pan since 2008. Our main hub for the first five years was in Cruises Bar in our hometown of Ennis. It was there we would play to a few locals, some tour groups and many-many nights where we would play to an empty bar. On those nights we would just sing and play whatever we wanted. Generally just having a bit of fun with the music. They were great times.

One occasion that sticks out around that time was on a drizzly cold day. We were playing for an outdoor charity function and we had been given an early slot on the schedule. We pulled up, there was practically nobody there and we played on the back of a truck. Regardless, I remember the three of us absolutely rocking that gig. We were playing to nobody and loving it. That was when I really knew we had something. Something to show. Something to offer.

From there we made our first album, got offered some small European gigs, entered two or three music competitions. In the summer of 2014 we managed to secure our very first tour of America. Now consider this, we had never played in the U.S. before. Never promoted a CD over there nor had any idea or notion of what to expect at the festivals. We were complete newcomers. Over the weekend the gigs were thronged. It was crazy. They fell into the whole vibe of our music, they really got it. I remember playing our absolute hearts out, jet-lagged and over the moon.

HERE is a video of The Socks playing live!

Since the days of playing in bars to nobody we’ve come a long way. We’ve hit 45 of the 50 States in America. We were the first Irish band to play the New Orleans Jazz fest and we’re soon to start taking on a lot more European festivals.

I’ve learnt so much from playing and touring with the Socks. I’ve developed as a musician and singer, as well as getting a solid grounding in the business and touring life. It has prepared me to take on the solo singer-songwriter challenge. I’m cautiously optimistic but definitely excited about the years ahead.

As a thank you for being a subscriber I’d like to give you a FREE downloadable Socks in the Frying Pan track, “The Boop Set”! Enjoy!

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  • Denise Wells says:

    Greetings Aodan, Wishing you and your fellow Socks a Winfield kind of joy as you head back home from the Heartland of the US. I wanted to let you know that your music is a permanent part of our family throughout the year and seeing you all perform has been a highlight of our Walnut Valley Fest experience the past 5 years. Slip Jigs and Reels was one of the first songs that really got my husband hooked on wanting to come to join the maddness of the Festival and he hasn’t missed one since. In fact we have hardly missed one of your sets in all of those years! The infectious joy and passion you each have for your music is palpable and we appreciate your contribution to the WVF glow we hang onto as we head back out into the “real world.” Our daughter, Rebecca, is pretty much a installation as an energetic dancer up front at each Winfield Socks set and, she is now the proud owner of a signed character Unicorn Head. Thank you to each of you for making the audience feel like such a valued part of each show. Becca is often accompanied up front by my Fr.-in-law Paul, who over the past 3 years, has become a tie-dyed clad, ear-slitting whistling, whooping and hollerin’Walnut-head, especially when jigin’ it up at your sets. May the following year bring you all more musical joys than you can shake an oversized cartoon head at and we look foward to seeing you again September, 2019! 😀

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