Welcome Poor Paddy Home

Here’s my DADGAD guitar tutorial for Welcome Poor Paddy Home.

Melody Intro Tabs:

Verse Chords:

Chorus Chords:


I am a true born Irishman
I’ll never deny what I am
I was born in sweet Tipperary town
Ten thousand miles away

So hurray me boys hurray
For no more do I wish for to roam
For the sun it will shine in the harvest time
To welcome poor Paddy home

Well the girls they are gay and they’re frisky
They’ll take you by the hand
Saying Jimmy mo chroi will you come with me
Into to a strangers land


Well in came the foreign nation
And scattered all over the land
The horse, the cow, the goat, sheep and sow
Came into the stranger’s hands


The Scotsman can boast of the thistle
And England can boast of the rose
But Paddy can boast of the Emerald Isle
Where the dear little shamrock grows.


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